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Cross-Device Remarketing


Google Announces Cross-Device ReTargeting

Ever wish you could make sure your re-targeting ads are hitting their target? In the past, if a users visits your site, you could re-target them, as long as they are on the same device. For example, you visit a website while at work. You leave the site, and an hour later you’re on another website, and you see an ad for the website you visited earlier. But if you were to go on the internet later that night from your phone, the ad would not show up because it’s on a different device. Marketers have been clamoring for Cross-Device Retargeting. Until now.

Google announced that you will now be able to re-target your website visitors across multiple platforms & devices, as long as they are logged into Google.

What does this mean for marketers & business owners?

We’re introducing cross-device remarketing for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to help you reach the same user across devices, apps, and sites. You can now tell a single story to your audience and decide how frequently they see your ad across devices“, writes Brad Bender, VP of Display & Video Advertising at Google.

This is a pretty significant step, because Google has previously not provided any support for cross-device targeting. This is something many marketers have longed for, and with this new capability, you’ll be able to target your ideal users like never before, no matter where they are, or what device they are using.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Like Facebook, Google has taken a deterministic path, so marketing will be limited to users looking into Google. That’s great news, because Google states that they now have about one Billion monthly users! Another really important statistic is that Google approximates that about 60% of online conversations take place on more than one device. This is evident for users who might start an email conversation from work, and follow up with a reply from a phone at lunch, or from a different computer at home later that night. With all these devices at play, it’s left a massive gap in the marketplace. The opportunity to really get some face time with your audience has never been greater.

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