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Person standing on fishing boat, casting net


Fishing In A Big Pond

Your product is awesome, and it’s something everyone will use, right? While we’d all love to believe that everyone is our customer, no matter how amazing your product is (or how amazing you think it is), not everyone can be your target customer. You can’t be everything to everyone. All too often we see people trying to cast really wide nets with their marketing. We’re talking those huge nets they use on commercial fishing boats that are obnoxiously big. When you’re deciding your target market, it’s important to remember that niches make riches! 

Take the time to really map out your prospects. What do they like, what don’t they like, what’s important to them? Creating personas for the ideal customer that is going to be purchasing your product is an easy way to get an idea of what your target market looks like. Don’t waste your content marketing strategy on customers who don’t want your product.

Let’s Talk Personas

Allow me to introduce you to Jack. Jack is a busy dude. He’s an entrepreneur who is constantly working, and he loves it. He knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. Jack wakes up at 5 a.m. to start working and hustling. Jack needs caffeine to make it through the day (don’t we all). Unlike everyone else who loves hazelnut lattes (guilty), Jack is particular about the coffee he drinks. He likes it strong, pure, and undeniably delicious. Jack is a coffee snob and proud of it, and he starts his morning with Pure Grind Coffee, the fuel for the hustle. He likes Pure Grind Coffee because it’s the coffee for people who take their ideas, their dreams, their passion and turn them into reality.

Now, you may know someone who acts like Jack — hell, you may even know someone named Jack who acts like this (if you do, send ‘em over to Pure Grind’s website, thanks) — but Jack is a persona created by the masterminds who make Pure Grind Coffee. By creating “Jack,” Pure Grind Coffee marketers can easily target real customers with branding, ads, etc., who would enjoy their coffee. 

So be like Pure Grind Coffee, and find the Jacks of your market. Stop trying to cast a huge net in a huge pond expecting to catch the perfect fish. Remember that niches make riches, and creating a persona for your ideal customer can help you find that niche.