“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”
– Craig Davis

Educate Your Audience With Content Marketing For Schools

Your school is different than others. It’s unique. It’s got character, tradition, and culture, and your students and staff are beyond compare. But when potential new families visit your website, do they see all those remarkable things? With content marketing for education, you can engage current students and families and attract new ones. At On Target, we’re passionate about telling your story, we’re determined to boost your enrollment, and we’re driven to make you stand out — and we do all that through incredible content.

Stand Out With Content

Schools use websites to market to potential students, but let’s be honest — these sites all blur together after the second or third school. Everyone gets the point; there are pictures of happy students who are unnaturally excited to do their homework, and your mission statement speaks proudly of your commitment to student success. But what makes you different from all the other schools with pictures of smiling faces on their website? What makes your school’s culture appeal to students and parents? Private schools have struggled to create the online presence they need to pull in prospective students, and that’s where a content marketing strategy can help.

The End Game

Yes, parents care about your awesome teachers, but that can’t be your selling point when every school within a 25-mile radius is pushing the same thing. Take this chance to talk about the end game (because that’s really what parents want to hear about); brag about where your alumni are now, what universities they attended, and what fields they’re dominating in. Parents care about how you’re preparing your students for future success, and content marketing can show them how you do it.


Give the People What They Want

If a parent has to work to find the information they want, it’s only a matter of time until they disappear — they’re not going to dig for the answers to their questions when there are other schools that make it easy. With content for education, you can make important information accessible. Use content to connect with your target audience by sharing the information they need on the social platforms where they’re already hanging out.

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Your school has something special to offer your students, but those students need your time and energy to guide them on the path to success. That’s why we’re here to create an epic content marketing strategy. Our education content pulls in new students, shares your story, improves your bottom line, and increases attendance. Let us focus on the content so you can focus on your students.

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