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Do Good. Feel Good.

We’ve all had trouble deciding which brand to buy at the grocery store. You stand in front of the rows of orange juice aisle and notice there are a dozen brands and types to choose from. Do you want pulp, no pulp, extra calcium, not from concentrate, from concentrate, local farmed, homestyle, or half sugar? Trying to decide which to choose, you go to grab the cheapest one you see until one catches your eye. It says, “With Every One Sold, We Plant A New Tree.” Immediately, you put down the cheap plastic gallon you were going to buy and grab the other one, feeling good about your decision. Feel-good marketing is an effective strategy that has taken over our stores and advertisements. It’s become common to see brands saying your purchase will help “Save the Forest” or “Save The Oceans.” While it may seem like feel-good marketing started recently, it has always been a reliable marketing tactic.

Man Standing on Cliff at Sunset

It’s Been Our Pleasure

Stores such as Publix, Target, and Home Depot all have positive slogans that make you feel good about shopping there. The same can be said with products like Coke, Goldfish, and Cheerios. Next time you buy something off Amazon, take a look at their logo and you’ll notice it’s a smile. Does that smile make you want to spend money? Maybe not, but what if it was a frown? Take Coca-Cola. Over the years, they have had dozens of different slogans that range from “Ice Cold Sunshine,” “Have a Coke and a Smile,” and “Open Happiness.” The one common factor? All of their slogans promote the simple joy of having a Coke. 

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Make a Change

When you create your product or business, your brand needs to resonate with your target audience. Consumers want to feel like they’re making a change; they want to interact with a company that depicts a higher purpose. As consumers, we want to feel like we are making a difference and made a good decision by buying your product or service. While consumers don’t necessarily care that you donate 10 cents for every dollar gained or support the local schools’ soccer team, they care that you are doing good in the world.

Feel-good marketing has many different implementations with one simple goal: Show that you care about the consumer. As a content marketing agency, On Target Digital Marketing wants you to be successful. We want to help you make meaningful connections that help you succeed. If you want to rise above the competition and get your brand moving in a positive direction, give us a call to get started.