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Being a Delray Beach Marketing Company is no easy feat. Because Delray is such a vibrant, energetic city, it lends itself to thriving businesses. And any area that is attractive to businesses is likely to attract competition. Standing out in a saturated market is a challenge many business owners face daily. Separating yourself from the competition is a key factor in which businesses thrive, which businesses simply eek out a meager existence and which businesses ultimately fail.

Delray Beach Marketing Company

Having a custom website is one sure way to make sure the public’s perception of you is top notch. If you don’t take the time to invest in a website that looks good and functions well, people will have a hard time believing you will deliver on whatever product or service you are offering. First impressions really are everything, and for many, your website is your first impression.

But is having a top notch website really all there is to it? Of course not. If it were, any business with a cool website would thrive, and that’s simply not the case. Many businesses have declared bankruptcy with a flashy website blinking on the internet.

The key to an effective website, is one that generates new opportunities for your business, by funneling leads your way or making sales. In today’s world, the power has clearly shifted to the consumer. With so many platforms competing for face time with consumers, it only makes sense that these platforms have bowed to the consumer, and given them ultimate control over who gets to advertise to them and how. In many cases, consumers have the ability to actually avoid ad content, and they can decide the who, what, when or why of advertising.

Where does this leave a business owner?

It’s never been more important to make the most of every single lead that comes to your website. Here are 5 simple tips you can use to help make sure that your website is doing it’s part:



Pop-ups have received a bad rap in recent years. Because consumers simply don’t like them, they are often over looked and can be a super effective way of giving a consumer a quick and convenient way of contacting you. The trick is popping when it’s good to pop.

For example, instead of clubbing a visitor over the head with an annoying pop-up that is likely going to cover the content they are looking at right off the bat, wait. Have a gentle slide out message appear when they get half-way down the page, or if they’ve been on a page for a certain amount of time. That visitor is much more likely to have a question or be willing to submit their information at that point. Make it unobtrusive. Something that covers the whole page is annoying. Make it easy to close. Don’t make them work for it.


People love social media. It’s apparent, and it’s everywhere. Everyone is on one social platform or another. Don’t be afraid to guide people to your social media outlets from your site. It’s a more comfortable, native environment. And people talk when they’re comfortable. They’ll be more likely and willing to connect with you when they have their slippers off and are on the couch than they would if you cold called them at their place of business. As a Delray Beach marketing company, we are very aware of the benefits of integrating effective social media strategies into every campaign.


Having a banner at the bottom of a page or post is great, and you’ll get tons of leads from them. But, did you know a lot of people already know what they’re looking for, and that they’re in the right place, and simply want to go to the next stop, right away. By making your CTA’s anchor text clickable, many people will use it as a shortcut to get where they are going, and you should not only let them, but make it easy. We’ve seen studies where 50%-80% of page leads can come from a CTA’s anchor text, compared to less than 10% coming from a banner type CTA that you would typically place at the bottom of a page or post.

What’s happening, is that as users cruise the internet, they are bombarded with banner ads everywhere. Some sites have more banner ads than content, and you become almost immune to them. We’ve all scrolled down a page littered with banner ads on the side margins, without bothering to even look at them. Anchor text CTA’s is where it’s at.


It’s a proven fact, people are creatures of habit. And anytime you can lean on past practice or user adoption, you should. There’s a reason most websites have a logo in the upper left or right hand corner. And that reason is because that’s where people look! There have been numerous eye-tracking studies that clearly show where people look, and where they don’t (HINT: it’s not plain text).

Patterns have emerged over the years, and people typically do the same thing over and over. You land on a page, you start in the upper left hand corner, and scan to the right. Then you come back, and go down the page a little and scan right again. This makes the shape of an ‘F’. By placing your CTA in the cone of destruction, your visitor’s eyes are much more likely to pass over it. Don’t make it hard for you visitors to do what you want them to, make it hard for them not to.


Every time you offer a new product or service, you need to blast it out there. This includes new marketing campaigns, special offers, new products, new locations, new hires or even an employees birthday. By showing your customers there’s a buzz with your company, they will be much more likely to engage. If they arrive on your site, click on your blog or news section, and your last entry is from 2010, it’s the Kiss of Death. There’s almost a zero chance they will do business with you. As a Delray Beach marketing company, we don’t practice this as much as we should, it’s a great way to keep your potential client base up to speed on everything you’re doing.

Make the announcement short and sweet. 200-330 words should suffice, throw in some pictures to keep it interesting. Create one official announcement, then follow-up with a few blog posts that subtly mention the announcement and link back to it. This way, you’re not overdoing it, but you’re giving the original post a little more room to organically grow.

Following these basic tips can help make your website an effective tool for the growth of your company. If you’re located in South Florida and looking for some help, we know a great Delray Beach Marketing Company that can answer all your questions!

Delray Beach Marketing Company

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