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Customer Focused Marketing


Customer Focused Marketing

What’s the first thing you do when you hear about a new product, service, company or brand? If you’re among the millions of Americans walking around with a smart phone in your pocket—or hand—the chances are you type the name into your favorite search engine and check it out for

With many people having easy and immediate access to information that used to give companies—and agencies—a competitive edge, we as marketers have had to up our game. One way we’re doing that is by turning to customer-focused marketing.

Customer Focused Marketing

What Is Customer-Focused Marketing? Find out your customers behaviors, wants, and needs, then exceed their expectations. Since customers can find out everything they want to know about you from a quick search, you need to know what it is they want in a product and make sure you can deliver that—and more. This is never more important than in the automotive industry. Buying a car is a purchase that no one takes lightly, and it’s our job in Automotive Marketing to make sure we’re putting all the information from our automotive clients directly into the hands of the customers already doing their research.

Make New Friends but Keep the Old. Studies indicate repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers. So while you definitely want to attract new people, you also want to make sure you knock it out of the park with current customers so they keep coming back for more outstanding experiences.

No Negative Marketing, Thank You. Additionally, customers who have an unfortunate negative experience can continue to negatively impact your brand through bad reviews. Find out what competitors have done wrong and make sure to learn from their mistakes. Potential customers can be significantly swayed by the experiences of their peers.

How Can We Be More Customer-Focused?

Team Effort. From the janitorial staff to the executives, make sure everyone understands that the number one goal is: Customer Satisfaction.

Ask Questions. No better way to figure out how you’re doing with your customers than asking your customers: How are we doing? Where are we excelling? Are we falling short in any areas?

Walk the Talk. Genuinely prioritize your customers’ priorities. Your pursuit to exceed their expectations should permeate your interactions.

Reward Behavior. Make sure to acknowledge and reward team members who get it and act on it.

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