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Creating a Kickass Social Media Strategy

Social media is a sea of marketing, personal posts, and everything in between. So you’re probably thinking, “How the hell do I get my posts noticed?” Well, it’s not just about getting noticed — though I think we all would like to be a little “social media famous” — it’s about getting your content noticed by the right people. And to do that, you need a kickass social media strategy.

Social Media Goals

First things first, you have to define the goals that you want to achieve, but you have to choose goals that are attainable so that you can successfully stick to your plan. Your goals may be improved brand awareness, higher quality of sales, or to improve ROI. Make sure to write your goals down — doing so can make you 30 times more successful than someone who doesn’t!

Research Your Audience and Track Your Metrics

If you’re spending all this time creating a social media strategy, you want potential customers to see your hard work. Researching your audience is crucial. You can find out who your demographic is by taking a look at your analytics on any platform, which is where you can learn things like where they live, what their interests are, and what time they interact with your posts.

Another important factor is tracking metrics. Some of the most important metrics are volume, reach, engagements, and clicks. These help you understand just how your social media posts are doing. Are they reaching the right audience? Are people interacting with your profile or links? How are they reacting to your posts? Tracking metrics will help you better understand just how effective your strategy is.

Create Content Your Customers Want to See

A solid plan is the only way to produce effective content. Create content that fits your brand’s identity, and establish a consistent tone that represents your business’s personality. Take the Wendy’s Twitter account — their sarcastic, snarky remarks are constantly going viral. By creating a distinct, authentic personality for their brand, Wendy’s created a successful social media strategy that brought them thousands of followers, ultimately creating a cult following for their brand.

Interact and Track

Interacting with your customers on social media can help your business gain respect. This may be responding to their issues or concerns, or it may be as simple as showing your customers, “Hey, I care about you.” Keeping tabs on your progress is important; you put in all this hard work to create a strategy and publish valuable content, so you need to know if it’s working. Analytics can help you see if your strategies are creating revenue for your company.

Getting noticed on social media by the right people is no small task — it takes a lot of intentional planning and thought. Without a solid social media strategy, great content may never be seen by the right audience. You have to focus on your goals, metrics, and especially your audience, because kickass content needs a kickass strategy.

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About the Author

Madison is currently attending the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Marketing and minoring in French, and works at On Target as the Social Media Intern. In her free time, Madison loves to read, go to the gym, and spend time with her family. Go Knights!

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