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Congratulations! You’ve Just Won 200 Fake Followers!

That’s right. You heard me. Your Twitterspere is instantly bursting at the seams, and you’re going to be an overnight social media success.  You’ve also won a free set of knives that slice and dice, as well as an all expense paid vacation to the beach in Utah. You’ve just been followed by 200 fake Twitter followers.  Fake followers that will offer NOTHING of value to your social media channel; fake followers that even remotely interested in your tweets.

The fake follower phenomena exists mainly on Twitter due to its very lax account creation policies.  In fact, there are a few software companies out there that exist to only create fake Twitter followers, some can churn out 100,000 fake accounts in mere days, and other companies exist to hook your brand up and hyperinflate your follower base by getting those 100,000 fake accounts to follow your social channels. One specific example of insidious fakeness was the Mitt Romney Campaign where in a matter of days, the Romney Twitter account obtained over 100,000 followers. All fakes.

While larger twitter accounts evoke some consumer confidence and encourage more followers, the fake accounts contribute absolutely nothing of value to the brands social media marketing strategy.  Fake is fake, anyway you slice it, but it is getting increasingly more difficult to discern fake accounts from real accounts.

How to Attract REAL Loyal Followers:

We call it Tribe Building.  Building a following of loyal human beings and leading them is what Social Media is all about. People want to follow the leader; be certain you are leading by using the following tips:

Create Amazing.
Create rich, amazing, relevant, shareable content, and share it frequently.

Engage With Other Thought Leaders.
Create meaningful conversations, and be consistent about it.

Share And Share Alike.
Share other people’s content that your find relevant and interesting and comment on it.

Mix It Up.
Consider adding video content, infographics, images, photos, selfies, you name it. Keep it coming, but PLEASE don’t add cat photos. Ever.

Make It Easy.
Make it simple for website visitors to follow you on your social media channels by implementing social media buttons, share this, etc..

Be Transparent.  
If your brand goofed, talk about it.  Name it and claim it, and don’t hide.  People can see right through fake.

Brag a little.  
One of our weaknesses as a company is that we don’t brag enough about the amazing stuff we’ve done.  We’re working on that, but it’s so important that the rest of the world knows how amazing you are.

The last and possibly most important social media tip we can leave you with is this: BE SOCIAL.  Many brands create a one-way street or a one-sided conversation via social media.  This simply doesn’t work and defeats the whole purpose.  Social media is the new chamber of commerce networking platform.  It’s about creating and nurturing relationships, and feeding your hungry followers with rich, meaningful content that elevates your brand.

Thanks for reading, and please, share this content if you found it valuable. To learn more about social media and how it can help your business, be sure to browse through our website.

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