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Beyond Your Blog, Where Should Your Content Live?

An inspiring female rapper by the name of Missy Elliott once said, “I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it.” I thought about it these past few days while writing this article and it’s a solid mantra for creating a strong content marketing strategy. Your blogs are great, but if you want to do something more to it to keep it fresh, you need to flip it, reverse it, and find where it can thrive.

Same Content, Different Medium

No really, use Medium. Unfamiliar with it? Medium is where users seek fresh takes on various topics. If you know you’re insightful and want your voice to be heard where users actually take the time to read through and digest content, Medium is your platform. This is where your content can be better appreciated and how you can tell your brand’s story. This one’s for you, great thought leaders: milk your content for every last drop of engagement juice. Take your most thought-provoking articles and post them on different channels as a quick post or an in-depth article.

Related Tracks

I really shouldn’t have to tell you the growth of the podcast industry, but TL;DR, it’s been growing very steadily and Spotify is one of the places where new listeners find their favorite podcasts. I personally listen to my favorite podcasts on Spotify because I’m more familiar with the platform and sometimes like to switch to playlists when I finish listening to the most recent episode.

Have no idea where to start with audio? No worries, here’s a crash course post for that. Okay, so you read that… now what? After you’ve added your bells and whistles, get your podcast onto audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

Did Someone Say… Snacks?!

Around the office, we like to breakdown content into “snackable content.” Extract the juiciest parts of your blog and put it out as a tray full of tasty samples for your audience. Give them a taste of your podcast in a 10-second clip. Then, add some more flavor by mixing in a quick video or animation with remarkable visuals. You get the point. A quick bite chock full of flavor and they’ll want more. Post your short, sweet clip to your social channels. I recommend having it housed on YouTube, embedded on your blog, and shared on Facebook Watch and IGTV. 

Let your content live its best life. Share your content on multiple platforms, go all in, and see where it THRIVES. Need a hand or two? Our team will help you come up with the right content marketing strategy that targets your audience.