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Be the Light.

Friends. What a bizarre world we just found ourselves living in. I can’t remember ever being this concerned about health, family, team members, the community, the economy, etc. The entire world is in panic mode. Conspiracy theorists are rushing to make accusations about Democrats, Republicans, elections, fake news, pointing blame, poor decisions, and so much more negativity. Negativity we sure as hell don’t need right now.

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m nervous. I’m a human being just like you. I’ve been sanitizing my hands so much, I’m pretty sure my blood alcohol level is through the roof. Also, I think I’ve killed about every possible germ in the On Target offices and have personally affected the Clorox stock price. But, this too shall pass. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not at the end of April, maybe not in a couple of months, but some sense of normalcy will return. We’ll all learn a great deal from this. We’ll probably, and hopefully, establish better protocols to prevent this kind of virus nonsense from spreading and maybe be on our toes a bit more as a society.

So. How Can You Impact Real Change Now?

Be the light. Be fact-driven. Be a voice of reason. Spread joy on your social media channels. Spend some high-quality time with your family. Work on your health. Work on you. Thank the clerks in the grocery stores who have seen so many impatient, panicked folks. Spend some time with your doggy or pet chinchilla. Spend some time with your spouse sans cell phones. Positivity may not kill this goofy virus, but it will definitely stand out and help to brighten someone’s day who may be nervous, not feeling well, concerned about the future, or just simply anxious.

Be the light and stand out from the crowd. Stay safe, wash your hands, keep a low social profile, and live. We’re gonna get through this.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.
Tom Jelneck
President / CEO On Target