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Automotive Marketing


Automotive Marketing

In the world of automotive marketing, the only thing that moves faster than the cars, is the guidelines for the industry. What may prove to be a successful marketing tactic today, may not work tomorrow. As industry professionals, it becomes our job to not only keep up with new techniques, tactics and trends, but to remain ahead of the curve so that our clients stay in the winner’s circle.

Automotive Marketing: An Industry Perspective

Many can relate to drooling over an utterly unaffordable sports car gracing the cover of your favorite car magazine, or breaking your neck as you pass by some brightly colored vehicle that looks more like a weapon from a bond movie than a car. But how many of us stop to think about what goes on behind the scenes in order to connect cars with consumers? Automotive Marketing is the process of getting cars noticed, connecting dealer offerings with perspective buyers.

South Florida Automotive Marketing is especially heated, not only because of the amount of car dealerships located in the southern part of Florida, but also because of how many companies there are that offer marketing services. With a quick search, you can easily find many marketing agencies with a host of services available to choose from. Many will also claim to offer automotive marketing services.

Marketing for the automotive industry differs from just about any other vertical. Because there are so many moving pieces, and fluctuating factors, you are constantly trying to hit a moving target. Factory incentives come out during the month, and can sometimes supersede dealer incentives and offers. End of month sales, holiday sales and clearance events are regular occurrences that have to be planned out months in advance. Customer prospecting comes by way of complicated CRM’s, advertising filters and advanced targeting. The ability to move cars at the dealer level starts long before the customer walks onto the lot.

The ability to build the profile of a potential car buyer or ‘intender’ is an advantage that a skilled automotive marketer has. By fully understanding the mindset and patterns of a customer, you can anticipate where they will be looking, what they will be searching for, and to make sure your offers hits their eyes at the prime time. By touching the customer before they’re ready to buy, you’re paving a road that leads directly to your dealership. To site by idly and wait for customer to stumble upon your lot, you are simply setting yourself up for failure. Today’s most successful automotive groups all have one thing in common: successful marketing strategies.

Effective Automotive Marketing

What separates successful automotive marketing companies from hacks? It’s easy to put up a polished website and list your services. There’s plenty of marketers working out of their mom’s spare bedroom with nice websites. The difference is having a full time team of marketing professionals at your disposal. When you have something come up that needs immediate attention (which happens quite frequently in the automotive industry), the last thing you want to do is be chasing down your marketing guy who’s sleeping one of on his rented couch.

If you’re serious about growing your dealership, trust an Automotive Marketing agency who’s already delivered results for other dealerships.

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