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Are You Guilty of These Content Marketing Crimes?


Everyone knows that content marketing is an extremely effective way to get your company found online by those looking for your products and services. But with so many adapting effective content marketing strategies, many are making mistakes with their content marketing strategy. So, ask yourself: are guilty of these content marketing crimes?


  • Your Content Has Too Many Keywords: All content produced for your webpage should be optimized with strategically-chosen keywords. But, do you know how you can annoy your reader? But placing too many keywords in the text, especially when they interrupt the organic flow of the content piece. The purpose of content is to give your readers information they will find useful, and when you use a keyword too many times, it weighs down the content and creates distrust from your audience. A keyword should flow naturally in the content, not stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Your Content is a Snoozer: Whenever you think of a topic for your content, ask yourself if it is something you would actually read. There are so many pieces of content on the Internet and, obviously, no one has time to read it all. Make your content entertaining, full of helpful tips, or offer solutions to a problem your audience faces.
  • Your Content Gets an F for Grammar: Do you want to know how to turn off your audience? Have grammatical mistakes in your content. Your users started reading your content because they believe you have something they are interested in, whether it be information, products, or services. If you cannot write well, then how can they have faith in what you are offering? Edit, edit, edit, and then have others edit as well.
  • Your Content Only Sells: If your users are reading your content, they pretty much know what you are offering. The purpose of your content is to support what your company sells and to  provide your users with helpful information. You can and should, however, include a call to action at the end of your blogs that can say “Contact us for more information.” Help guide your readers on what to do next if they like what they read, and that is about as far as you should go with selling.




If you are using content marketing in your digital marketing efforts, we cannot stress the importance of having an effective and strategic plan to support those efforts because if you don’t, then what is the point of your content marketing? On Target Digital Marketing has a team of experts who can help with your digital marketing strategy, so contact them today at 866-998-6886.