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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Digital Marketing


With so many social media platforms out there to choose from, it is hard to figure out which one is best for your business. In digital marketing, staying relevant in the eyes of your consumer base is paramount. If what you are saying isn’t being received by your target audience, then what is the point of creating engaging posts and content? One of the best social media channels you should be using to engage your audience is LinkedIn. According to, there are 350 million LinkedIn users, with 2 new members being added per second, and 187 million unique visits per month visiting the professional network. With numbers like that, it is time for you to extend your digital marketing efforts to LinkedIn. Here are 5 things you should be doing on LinkedIn:

  1. Make Your Company’s Profile Powerful: Think of your company’s profile as an extension of the website. Write a compelling summary, using keywords so that your company’s page can be found through searches. It’s important for those looking at your page are encouraged look at the whole page by incorporating interesting graphics, highlights of your company’s services and products, and frequent postings. If appropriate, encourage your clients to recommend your business and leave reviews. This is especially powerful because the testimonials appear on your page, establishing your company as one worth doing business with.
  2. Post Relevant and Engaging Content: You cannot have a successful LinkedIn profile if you create it and then walk away. Share content that is interesting to your audience, and create original content to educate your audience. While it is important to post content pertaining to your industry, being sure you specifically target your message to the appropriate audience as your base begins to grow. The LinkedIn Company page allows you to zero in on whichever audience you want to listen, such as industry, geography, non-employee, etc.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Employees: You have hired a great team, so feature them. Encourage all of your employees to create LinkedIn profiles, and ask they remain active with your company. If they write and post a blog, share it on your company’s page. You can even feature your employees periodically. This helps to establish your company as having a winning team, from the top to the bottom. Why wouldn’t someone hire your company? With a strong team representing their interests, it makes for good business.
  4. Track & Fine-Tune: What are your company’s goals with LinkedIn? Do you want more visibility? More engagement? More website traffic? Convert more leads? Once you establish your goals, it is important for you to measure your efforts. While LinkedIn does provide insights for your company’s page, be sure to use your website’s analytics to measure your efforts. If after a month you are not seeing the results you want to, readjust your LinkedIn strategy.
  5. Create a LinkedIn Group Based on Your Industry: Your users’ involvement in groups on LinkedIn is an important component to this social media platform. By creating a group, it helps to establish your company as an authoritative voice within your specific industry. Your goal is to grow your group’s base with those with common goals and interests. To unite the community, ask thought-provoking questions so that discussions are achieved. Share any relevant content you have created with your group so you teach them something. By being actively involved with your group, your group’s value will continue to grow. You can also direct message your group’s members if you want to promote a certain product or service, meaning the message will be received by those it pertains to.

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