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5 Ways to Create Original Tweets To Share Your Content

We’ve all done this in the past, spent hours thinking about ways to surprise our readers with our next content, to then not even dedicate a minute to make sure it’s well-distributed. We post our blog, and expect for the magic to happen while we take care of the next item on our “to-do” list. But, guess what? It’s not Christmas, yet. Santa is certainly not gonna visit your blog while you sleep to help you spread the word around. You are in charge of igniting your followers to go and reshare it for you.

A simple tweet saying “read my latest blog <wink> <wink>” should ideally work, but again, it’s not Christmas yet. So you better be original when sharing it around. That’s why even though it’s not Christmas yet, we felt like giving away something valuable to you today. Here are 5 ways to share your content on Twitter in a more creative way than a five year old kid would do it.

Remember that Twitter only allows 140 characters, so the challenge is on! Don’t miss out:

5 Ways To Tweet Your Content Originally(1)


As important as it is that you reshare your blog post more than once (remember that in the Internet of things, any post can go unseen), it’s also important that you share it with a different message every time, not to bore your audience. Make it appealing for your audience to click on it. And don’t forget to share it with moderation not to look like a spammer.

Remember, content marketing is about nurturing your audience, not about torturing them. Let your imagination run, and be ready to conquer the attention of your readers!


Happy tweeting and resharing!