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5 Tactics to Turn Social Media Followers Into Quality Leads – #Infographic

Nowadays, social media has too much impact on user behavior for companies to ignore them or to devalue their great digital marketing and sales power. However, sometimes something as clear and logical as the following social media marketing formula:

Sharing appropriate content


Listening to your audience


Monitoring and measuring your performance

could become a real mess if not implemented properly. In fact, according to Adobe, “52% of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration in social marketing.”

But, we are not here today to cry together about how frustrating this whole social media marketing process could be. We are here to give you hope and to show you some tactics that actually work to bring in leads from your social media channels.

Yes, your social media profiles can convert leads. So don’t give up yet because it’s possible, and if you do it right, your social media strategy could be totally successful. Now, it’s important that you also understand that your social media channels won’t probably be a place for hard conversions. Social media is typically, for most companies, a soft conversion channel. With this in mind, try to mix and match some of these tactics, and get ready to create your successful path to social media conversions!


5 tactic to turn social media followers into quality leads


Now it’s time to measure your success. Which social media channel helped you get more leads? If you happened to run an A/B test while you were putting some of these tactics in practice, which one worked better for you? Find your winner and repeat the strategy! And remember, it’s all about nurturing your leads, not torturing them, so always look for quality in your content.

Happy social media outcomes!