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5 Cool Apps To Transform Your “So-So” Social Media Content Into “Wow” Content.

Grabbing the attention of your users with the social media content you create and distribute can sometimes be really discouraging. We have all felt the “talk-to-the-wall” feeling, especially on Facebook, if you know what I mean (wall, Facebook, get it?). Your content is probably amazing and most likely very valuable. However, it is not getting the attention it deserves. The reality is that you could be missing a lot by not taking advantage of some tools that your competitors might be using to get the attention of users. To put an end to that, our team has compiled a couple of apps that will make your content much more relevant. Are you ready to leave your users amazed and astonished? Let’s do this!

  • Join the “Death to the Stock Photo” Community: This is honestly one of the first things that you need to do. Not only for your own good but also for humanity in general. Your users are so bored of the typical picture with John Smith in his spotless business outfit that they won’t even pay attention to whatever content is around that image. Do yourself a favor, and explore these other options that are FREE as well (so no excuses here), so much more creative, and have a much higher quality. Some of our favorite communities are: Unsplash, Getrefe and Life of Pix.
  • “Pik” Me: If you are into infographics, or you have always been wondering how to create this effective piece of content, Piktochart is what you need. In the free version of Piktochart, you’ll find more than enough templates to create a unique infographic. The wide variety of icons, backgrounds, shapes, and fonts available make it super easy and fun for you to transform boring content full of stats to a visually appealing graphic that won’t go unseen. Guaranteed! B57OfONzoKspL5GOamc2Pd-G8VgiQ2kCCTX_jzcztnQNNQWX3a4K8J8HCwugEhsFCoZL2LQx8r_CtXt18Sv9O122cyP0qB4UdELkL_pHk3o_HPzZRy93gaNRCA5tRl6ernzzGXk
  • A/B Test: Let’s put it this way: A/B testing is the key to your user’s behavior. In other words, A/B testing gives you the opportunity to let your users choose the option/version that they like the most. Say that you just created your new blog; this is a great opportunity to test two different titles to see what type of keywords, tone, structure, and language your users like the most. If you want to start running an A/B testing campaign, Naytev seems to be a great option. This app helps you see with ease which type of your content is being shared more online.
  • Quotes Cover: Have you ever wondered how they create those pictures with the cool messaging on them. Nope, you don’t need Photoshop or the latest top-notch software available to do so. Quotes Cover is, in fact, a simple-to-use, FREE app that allows you to include some text within seconds. Make your messages stand out! targetmore followers
  • PowToons: Listen, if a third-grader (true story) is already using this program to create some cool videos for their class, so can you. Powtoons allows you to easily create amazing presentations or animated videos for your business in a more visual and engaging way. This is a short video that we once created to present our blog and to prove that you won’t need to be an expert in video to create one. Enjoy!

What apps do you use to enhance your content? We want to know, so please don’t forget to leave us some comments with your favorite apps! If you would like to know more about our content marketing services and what we can do for you, let us know. We’ll be glad to help you.

Thanks for reading!