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3 Lessons American Idol Taught Digital Marketers


American Idol failed for many different reasons: lack of originality, ran for too long, failure to produce long-lasting artists. Some probably knew this show was going to be cancelled sooner or later, but this failure definitely reminds marketers of a very important lesson: your product needs to be constantly evolving and adapting to its market and its targeted audience. The reality is that in 2015, this is definitely not the right channel/avenue to find the next American star. The real judges are everyday people (not celebrities), and they are most likely not even watching live TV.

Nowadays, there are better alternatives out there, and for this type of “talent haunting” show, YouTube has proven to be a great channel. YouTube solves the big barrier that AI had to face–be at the right place at the right time. For both sides, artists and viewers, YouTube offers some significant benefits: a more balanced/honest audience, and better accessibility to watch and to record the performances. Some of the pleasures that AI provides, such as the inspiring performances as well as the tough critiques from the audience, can be found on YouTube.

What we learned and how Analytics can help us with the tasks below:

  • Lesson 1: Your content/product needs to be delivered and promoted through the right channel/device.
  • Lesson 2: Your content/product needs to be delivered and promoted towards the right audience.
  • Lesson 3: Think out of the box–explore beyond the ordinary.

It’s time to rock some Analytics! Yes, I know, I hate to be Grandpa John reminding you this, but seriously, if you are not looking at your data when planning your digital marketing strategy, you are basically blind guessing all the time, and you know that’s not very accurate.

Today, we are going to focus on guess where? On your Audience Report!

  • Answer to Lesson 1: To help you find the right answer to the first lesson, go to GA, Audience > Technology > Browser. You’ll see which type of browser is more popular among your users accessing your website.

Now, go to your Audience > Mobile > Overview and Voila! Now you know through which device they are accessing your website.

This valuable data will help you modify your digital marketing strategies accordingly. Do you need to increase your budget for mobile ads, or maybe just target the audience that is using Chrome browsers on your Facebook campaign? Go and figure that out!

  • Answer to Lesson 2: Under Audience > Demographic > Overview, you’ll find your main audience age and gender.

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 1.19.06 PM

But don’t stop there. Apply some secondary dimensions to find the real value for your company or check who converts more. In this case, this company is doing things right by getting more of a male audience to the website because this is definitely the segment that is bringing the highest economic value and goal conversion rate. Yay!

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 1.23.43 PM

Do you know what your audience is really interested in? Let’s find out! Go to Audience > Interests > In-Market Segments. This report shows you the lifestyle preferences of your website visitors. You can utilize this data for your future content now that you know what drives their interest.

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 1.57.48 PM

  • Answer to Lesson 3:  Now it’s time for the fun part! I really hope those reports make you realize what you are missing out if you don’t explore and look further than your Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion data. Analytics gives you a lot of tips that when combined in a strategic and proper way, can reveal a lot of fascinating insights. Have you checked the Real Time report yet? Go and play around with it! Remember to move out of the ordinary, not only when creating new ideas for your marketing strategy, but also when analyzing your data. Explore and find glory!

Your content (remember, video and images count as well) may be awesome, but in the wrong hands, it won’t shine as it should if you distribute it to the right audience. Your audience will take you to amazing heights or bring you down like the Titanic (or like AI), so connect with them and give them something original that they will love. And overall, re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy once in a while because what it worked 6 months ago, may not work anymore.

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Happy analyzing!