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When it comes to security systems, the world is full of gungho go-getters who are determined to DIY their way to safety. The Do-It-Yourself trend has taken over, and it’s easy to understand how renters and homeowners are attracted to the low cost and quick installation of Pinterest-inspired security systems. But there are many drawbacks to putting your family and home’s safety in inexperienced hands — and that’s where your business comes into play.

The DIY Craze

Through content marketing, you develop a trustworthy relationship with your target audience. Your security system content makes you stand out as a credible and reliable source by providing answers to your client’s questions, equipping them to become educated and empowered consumers, and teaching them about the weaknesses of DIY alarm systems. Share stories of how a midnight burglar effortlessly defeated DIY security, or write blogs about the importance of 3rd party monitoring and utilizing a security expert’s assessment.

Some may say that giving them these answers will teach them how to do the job themselves, leading to fewer customers for you. But don’t worry — the DIY trend can only go so far. Customers will trust you less if they’re not learning anything from you. You’re not giving out your secret sauce for free, you’re letting your potential customers know that you’re a trustworthy expert. When they read your security system content, your name sticks in their mind. They’ll call you when they’re ready for your services.

Find Your Audience

DIY security isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and your content’s job is to remind homeowners that their family of four, lakeside ranch, and beloved pup Spot shouldn’t be left in the hands of battery-powered adhesive sensors. Use content to connect with recently married couples and first-time parents, reminding them that their family and belongings are worth protecting — because before they know it, they’ll have grown out of their rinky dink DIY alarm system. And when it’s time for them to move on, they’ll turn to the trustworthy company that they already have a relationship with; and that can be you.

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