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North Tampa Christian Academy

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  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • SEO
  • Blog Content
  • Web Design
  • Website Updates

About the Client

It’s a rare opportunity to help a client build from the ground up. North Tampa Christian Academy, which opened in 2018, became an On Target client before a student ever walked onto its campus. Here’s how that journey has been going:

Year 1 — 2018


First things first; our team collaborated with North Tampa Christian Academy to create their brand image. This meant making logos, deciding on imagery to portray the school as it was being built, choosing fonts, colors and more. The two teams worked hand-in-hand to craft a bold, welcoming, innovative image.

Web Design

Next came the actual design of the website. How do you make a website innovative enough to stand out but functional enough to get people where they need to go? That’s a problem On Target was ready to solve. We continually work together to improve the website and adjust it with the times.

Paid Advertising

Private schools like North Tampa Christian Academy need to find their audiences. Through paid advertising, the school finds the families that are looking for an innovative, bespoke educational experience for their children.

Organic Social Media

Without organic social media, your business basically doesn’t exist. North Tampa Christian Academy has consistently updated and interacted with families on social media since opening its doors in 2018 with the help of the On Target team.

Search Engine Optimization

  • 23,809 Users
  • 9,929 Organic Search

Opening a new school is hard work, and the team at North Tampa Christian Academy was up for the task. In its first year, nearly 24,000 people visited their website, with nearly 10,000 of those finding it through organic search.

Year 2 — 2019

  • 21,919 Users
  • 12,678 Organic Search (78% Increase)

In just one year, North Tampa Christian Academy became a pretty big deal in the Wesley Chapel area. Their educational philosophy was something different; something parents were clearly looking for.

Year 3 — 2020

  • 20,566 Users

Even during one of the most difficult times for schools, North Tampa Christian Academy had steady website traffic. With marketing campaigns emphasizing safety, project-based learning and empathy, the school continued to grow and attract new students.

Year 4 — 2021

  • 31,379 Users

Between their efforts and collaborative marketing campaigns with On Target, North Tampa Christian Academy experienced significant growth in 2021. The North Tampa Christian Explorers preschool program grew from a smaller part of the school to an in-demand program with a waitlist.

Year 5 — 2022

  • From 2018 to 2022, new users grew 66% to 31,312
  • 18,124 Organic Search

North Tampa Christian Academy, built on a unique brand of Christian innovation, allows students to create their own academic experiences. Students choose their own path out of a variety of project-based courses and have opportunities to explore each subject in depth. On Target has not only helped this once-small school grow. We’ve been there every step of the way.

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