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Services Rendered

  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertising
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Website Management

About the Client

Marrinson Senior Care Residences has been providing high quality senior care to residents and families of Florida and South Carolina for almost 60 years. WIth 8 idyllic locations offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing & Rehab and Respite Care, the Marrinson Group has remained a trusted name in senior care since 1966.

Social Media Management

With minimal social media presence, and only at the corporate level, Marrinson knew that it’s first foray would need expert attention. With all new social media accounts created for all 8 locations, the On Target social team set out to establish brand trust & equity by highlighting what sets Marrinson apart from competitors. With a measured combination of authentic imagery, infographics and video, all accounts grew in terms of followers and engagement. By connecting directly with personnel on the ground at each location, we were able to curate content from within the four walls, as well as leveraging heartwarming posts designed to entice loved ones in the research phase of residency options.

Paid Advertising

Creating a pay-per-click advertising campaign from scratch allows you to build it from the ground up using the latest in capabilities and technology. The On Target paid advertising team accomplished just that, and began driving high quality leads with intent directly to the intake teams at each location. It was quickly decided that with this new influx of inbound inquiries, the sales team needed to upgrade their CRM to handle the additional traffic. By focusing on low cost per click and high conversion rates, we were able to drive a very consistent flow of inbound leads that helped Marrinson hit occupancy goals almost immediately.


With no previous strategy for organic traffic in place, On Target performed extensive keyword research to determine how we could connect with high quality, high volume keywords that represented potential leads. Reverse engineering local competitors, we were able to hand select a solid group of keywords. With a comprehensive strategy in place that properly combined both on-page and off-page efforts, we dramatically increased high quality organic traffic to their brand new website that converted at previously unseen levels.


A thoughtful content strategy lends itself to well thought out content. Our copywriting team was able to craft meaningful articles highlighting the very best Marrinson had to offer. From themed parties to chef prepared meals, topics were designed to help persuade potential residents and their loved ones that Marrinson was more than worth a look. Insightful blog articles and witty social media posts proved to be the combination needed to help encourage contact from those researching options.

Website Design

The outdated website was falling short on many fronts. High bounce rates, low organic rankings and traffic and almost non-existant on page conversions meant it was time for a new website. The On Target team put together a very robust, modern website to highlight the almost 60 year old company in a fresh and inviting way. Existing traffic and other important KPI’s almost immediately trended upward. Even traffic from paid sources began to convert at much higher rates. We also built & implemented a custom contact form system that funneled leads to each location’s bucket in the new CRM, allowing the intake teams from each location to be immediately notified of incoming leads for their location. With more leads coming in then ever before, and a better system to handle leads, occupancy goals were met within just 6 short weeks.

Website Management

Our programmers & development team built the new website from scratch, with ease of use and simple management in mind. With updates to the site now easy to make, our team fielded requests from each of the 8 locations and implemented them onto the new website in a timely manner to help facilitate a fresh, up-to-the-minute appearance that helps visitors see a vibrant, active community.

With so much increased activity and occupancy, Marrinson became an attractive acquisition for a much larger senior living conglomerate. And after almost 60 years in business, the Marrinson Group stroked a very lucrative deal. The end of an era marks a new beginning for this formerly family owned business, grown from the ground up on principles of customer service, quality care and a name you can trust. On Target learned a lot from our years with Marrinson, and we are proud of what we helped them accomplish. Give us a call today to learn more about how we’re ready to help you improve all aspects of your business or brand, at (407) 830-4550.