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Aurora Pharmaceutical

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  • Organic Social Media
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  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Blog/Organic Content

About the Client

Aurora Pharmaceutical manufactures animal care products, but they do so much more than just that. This nationwide brand actively participates in communities across the country, forming partnerships, attending conferences and sponsoring events in the areas they serve. Their products range from farm animal pharmaceuticals for pigs, horses, and chickens to medicine for companion animals like cats and dogs. The brand plans to continue to expand their animal care product offerings.

For the first few years, their digital marketing efforts with On Target focused solely on Revolt Topical, Aurora Pharmaceutical’s affordable flea and parasite prevention product for cats and dogs. It has since expanded to include the entire Aurora Pharmaceutical brand.


On Target built the Revolt Topical website to be fun, stylish and easy to navigate. Customers have all their product questions answered in one place while learning just enough about the origins of this all-American company. The website is also a hub of educational content for pet owners. As soon as the Aurora Pharmaceutical partnership began, On Target went straight to planning a redesign of the parent company website.

Google and Social Advertising

Through Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising, On Target has upped Aurora Pharmaceutical’s conference game by bringing them beyond their booths and into attendees’ mobile devices. This has helped them reach hundreds of thousands of conference attendees in just a few months. This multifaceted approach has led to more brand recognition and sales of their products. The cost per click continues to decrease month over month as On Target updates and optimizes the ads. This means the company spends less money and receives a higher return on investment.

Organic Social Media

After a few years of doing social media marketing for Revolt Topical, On Target branched out and created Facebook and Instagram pages for Aurora Pharmaceutical for the purpose of organic and paid social strategies. By posting pictures from conferences, community outreach programs and more, they have grown a loyal organic following of employees and customers. Their profile and post reach, especially with human-centric content, continues to grow month over month.

Content Strategy

On Target produces monthly educational blog content for the Revolt Topical website. Whatever you want to know about pets and parasites, you can learn on the Revolt Topical blog. By writing strategic keyword-driven pieces that give relevant advice to pet owners, On Target has helped Revolt get found online while educating their audience. The companion animal care portion of Aurora Pharmaceutical has continued to grow with the launch of Barrier, another preventative care product for pets.

Search Engine Optimization

A large part of the search engine optimization of the Revolt Topical website has been done via the monthly blog content strategy. However, all pages of the website are optimized inside and out to allow Revolt Topical to be found by whoever might be interested in this affordable pet care product. Through targeted keywords across the website, the Revolt Topical brand continues to see growth every month.

This animal care company does significant marketing of its own, creating newsletters, forming partnerships, doing outreach through sponsorships and attending several conferences throughout the year. However, they entrust their digital presence to On Target. Want to see how we can help your business go digital? Give us a call at (407) 830-4550 or make an appointment online.