“Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.”
– Jon Buscall
Head of Moondog Marketing

Mortgage Content To Educate Potential Borrowers

Finding that gorgeous dream home isn’t the end of the battle — home buyers still have to consider where their money is coming from. (And if they can afford to make their home a place Joanna Gaines would be proud of.) And that’s when they turn to you. By initiating a content marketing strategy that answers customers’ questions about mortgages and refinancing, you draw them to you over other lenders. We know how important mortgage content is for attracting potential clients.


Get Ahead of Competition

Home buyers dig online for months to find that dream home, but when it comes to mortgages, many don’t bother to research and compare rates. If they won’t dig, then you need to create mortgage content that’s relevant to your audience’s needs and catches their attention. You need to stand out like a wrap around porch. (People love wrap around porches.)

Different Demographics

Although most don’t search and compare, home buyers are an extensive demographic with largely different needs. Millennials are gradually entering the housing market, and while the majority of them want to buy, they’re often held back due to financial struggles. (We’re looking at you, student loans.) However, baby boomers act very differently. This generation bought their house with a low mortgage rate, so they find renovating their kitchen more appealing than buying a newer, larger house at a higher rate. Use your content to show that you’ve researched your customer’s needs and you’re ready to help. No matter the demographic, homeowners benefit from the information you can offer them.


Content Creation & Marketing Benefits For Your Brokerage

In a world where home buyers don’t see the benefits of shopping around for great mortgage rates, you need to be the person who stands out from the crowd and teaches them how they can best handle paying off their home. The result? You gain an audience who sees you as a trusted lender over those who don’t deliver that sweet gift of knowledge. An audience of trusting, educated home buyers turns into leads who understand that you’re the expert.

You have two options: you can be the guiding light that pulls in stragglers and teaches them how to figure out that loan, or you can leave it up to chance. Our advice? Education is the answer.

When you offer answers about mortgages and gain prospects, everyone wins.

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