“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketer is not to create more content… it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.
– Robert Rose

Lasik Content For Websites, Blogs & Social Media Marketing

As you look to the future of laser techniques and technology, don’t leave your lasik content in the past. We humanize your brand. We tell the story behind your practice, surgeons, and clinical staff so you can reach your target audience and build your brand’s reputation. With our expertise, your clients can clearly see why your practice is the best choice.

Optometrist checking patient's eyes.

Educate Your Clients

Meet Billy Bob, a potential client who’s considering LASIK. His eyesight’s been troubling him and he’s tired of relying on his glasses, but there’s a lot about LASIK procedures that he doesn’t understand, and he’s uncomfortable taking the next step; that’s where your lasik content comes in. Through in-depth content marketing, you can proactively answer patients’ questions, assuage their fears, and equip them with the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward.

The Anti-Spam

In today’s society, people have finely tuned BS detectors. They can see right through aggressively salesy content, and they can easily tell when you care more about the bottom line than your wellbeing. The solution is SOMETHING content marketing. Our lasik content sets you up as thought leaders in your industry. Instead of spamming your patients with blogs that scream “Hurry, buy me now,” our content educates and empowers. It develops trust between your practice and consumers, and it shows them why you’re the expert they need.

What’s in it for You?

Content doesn’t just benefit your patients — it benefits you too. Content allows you to introduce yourself to clients before they ever walk into your practice, and it’s your chance to build a relationship based on trust and credibility. Even if someone isn’t ready to schedule their LASIK appointment right then and there, they’ll remember your practice as a useful, trustworthy source, and they’ll be back when they’re ready to go.

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Give Lasik Patients the Great Content They Crave

Despite all the best intentions, your staff doesn’t have time to create website content. We get it, which is why we fuel your website with rich content designed to educate, and inspire your patients. With content marketing, you can advertise your services, highlight what makes you different, and build brand awareness. Each month, your practice receives fresh lasik content designed to keep patients coming back. Activity creates activity — and we help grow your traffic with ongoing content solutions. Go ahead, fill out the form below, and learn how you can become a part of STREAM.

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