“One of the best ways to sabotage your content is not tie it to your goals. Know why you’re creating content.”
– Ellen Gomes, Marketo

HR Content Created For HR Professionals

What do employee engagement, your company’s reputation, and recruitment opportunities have in common? They can all be addressed through remarkable HR content. At On Target, we understand how an effective content marketing strategy can change the game and rock your world, and we’re here to help you hype up employees, spread the word, and pull in awesome talent.

Potential Candidates Live Online

Millennials and Gen Z are diving into the workplace, outnumbering the retiring Baby Boomers and opening up opportunities for HR content marketing. HR already uses social media in their recruitment process, but when social media gets married to strategic content marketing, it’s a match made in heaven. Content marketing raises employee engagement and improves a brand’s image, making you even more appealing to potential candidates.

Employees And Future Talent

How do we show that this company is an amazing place to work? How do we get employees to brag about their work environment? How do we reach out to that perfect candidate who has no interest in our job ads? The answer: content. Employees are on social media sites that encourage the spread of information, and job seekers are swimming in Google to track down the perfect job opportunity.

Don’t Be Boring, Okay?

When potential talent scrolls through the web, a simple job listing doesn’t appeal as much as content. What sounds more interesting — a notice that a company needs an editor, or a blog that tells a story about what an editor’s life is like within the company? The eager job hunter will remember the story about the company much more than a short job description. Job hunters and current employees can then share that HR content with their networks, which builds your brand and attracts fresh talent that’s ready for a change.

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The Benefits For You

HR content is crafted to help you bridge that gap between employees and employer. Your employees need to feel engaged. Your company’s charm needs to shine through shareable blogs, memorable social posts, and hilarious cat memes (we don’t judge). Potential candidates need to know that you can hook them up with a job position that best suits them. Through great HR content, you can connect with employees, business partnerships, and future talent.

How Can We Help?

You have too many hats to fill. The hiring process is long and strenuous, and the perfect person for that open position isn’t always knocking on your door. Fortunately, we’re here to remove some of that pressure. Our content marketing creates remarkable posts that current employees want to share and prospective employees will be attracted to. Fill out that form below. We’ll get in touch to discuss a strategy that works.

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