What the Google Year in Search Video Tells Us About Marketing and Ourselves

Every year, Google compiles the trillions of searches done on its platform into one streamlined story. And every year, I cry. As a content creator, those 2-3 minute videos leave me awed (and insanely jealous) of the narrative skill at Google’s marketing division. Seriously, y’all, save some of that talent for the rest of us.  […]

Social Media Marketing: Where Engagement Matters Most

By Shelby, Senior Content Strategist From YouTube to Instagram, Social Media Marketing continues to rise. Over 86 percent of women admit to consulting social media before purchasing an item, and 71 percent of consumers are more likely to buy something favorably represented via social media. However, the growing pressure to “be somebody” on the internet […]

Hole-in-One Experience Supporting the Maitland Community

By Shelby, Senior Content Strategist With all respect to Mr. Dickens, the On Target team only had “the best of times” volunteering at the Tales of Two Cities Golf Tournament. (Come to think of it, the only “worst of times” would be the farmer’s tans. Worth it.)  This annual golf tournament was put on in […]

There’s no I in Team, but there’s a TEAM in MArkETing

About a week before Christmas, Tom Jelneck— OT’s fearless leader and unabashed founder — announced to our team he would step down from On Target. And for a group as tight knit as ours, it was a hard blow. (Plus it meant Tom’s cool LEGO Millennium Falcon would leave the office with him…)  Tom wrote […]

Content is Still King. Here’s How to Keep its Reign Strong in Modern Marketing.

In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay on Microsoft’s website titled “Content is King.” (This essay is short and worth a read. You can find it perfectly preserved here.) Since then, “content is king” has become the go-to philosophy for marketing on the web since content marketing took off in the late ‘90s and early […]