The Cookie Hasn’t Crumbled Yet: Google delays the phase-out of Third-Party Cookies

In 2020, Google shook up the advertising world when it announced in 2020 that it would phase out third-party cookies in its Chrome browser by late 2023. Google decided to phase out these cookies after Apple restricted advertisers’ access to their user data in its IOS operating system. Google has recently stated it is pushing […]

Take Advantage of Google Search Console

Some may remember Google Search Console being called Google Webmaster Tools. Since the beginning of 2021, GSC has gone through a complete overhaul, adding a new modern look and a much improved UI. Google Search Console may be entirely new to you, or perhaps you never realized its full potential. I will briefly touch on […]

Google Says “3 Strikes and You’re Out!”

Most digital advertisers have noticed an uptick in Google updates during June and July. Google has been busy making the internet safer, improving search results, and cleaning up the Google Ads ecosystem. Come this September, Google will be testing something new. You may have already received the email. Google is introducing a new strike-based policy […]

Should I Update My WordPress Site?

hand reaching out to screen

When a smartphone stops working the way it used to, we don’t think twice about getting a new one or updating the software. This thinking should also be applied to your WordPress site. Being in digital marketing and development for 15 years, one of the more common questions I have received is “Do I need […]

Benefits of Rich Results in Google Search

By Rick, On Target SEO and PPC specialist Have you noticed the way Google has fine-tuned their search results pages in the last few years? Beginning with rich snippets and then rich cards, the combination of the two are now referred to as rich results. What are Google rich results? Rich results are what we […]

Your Customers Should Be Your Best Marketers

Back in the day, winning customers was simple; all you had to do was exceed their expectations. Today, customers are the ones with the power. They have more options, more technologies, and more channels to choose from than ever before. They can check Google for reviews, watch YouTube for tutorials, and see the comments — […]

All the Cool Kids Are Getting SSL Certs and Why You NEED To.

Google has taken another step toward eradicating HTTP. Starting in July 2018, Chrome 68 will help Google achieve its goal of making the web a safer place by marking all HTTP sites as “not secure,” and displaying them as such in the URL bar. With over 58% of web visitors coming from Chrome, this means […]