Keeping Up with the Compliances

In some industries, marketing is like the wild, wild west. You’ve probably seen some crazy antics in car commercials and clothing ads that you had no idea were clothing ads. Some fields, however, have to deal with a thing called compliance. Simply put, this is a list of items that your company can and cannot […]

On Target Gets Back and Gives Back to the Community

After the year we collectively had in 2020, our team was thrilled to see people in person again in 2021. The pandemic changed the way we interacted with our clients and colleagues. Many of us took in-person networking events for granted, then missed them dearly after not having any to go to for several months. […]

Why Humor in Marketing is Serious Business

Here at On Target, we haaaaaaate jokes. We think every business message should be suuuuuuper serious. That’s why you’ll never hear a joke from us. Ever.  …OK, fine, you caught us. We love funny marketing, and for good reason! Marketing that elicits emotion moves people to action more than dry facts and figures. One of […]

5 Lessons Anime Taught Me About Marketing

From the time I first picked up Pokemon Blue to when I began working at anime conventions, Japanese animation has always been part of my life. My interest in marketing sprouted from my interest in anime. When I became president of UCF’s anime club, my main focus was making the club as fun for casual […]

How to Humanize Your Brand

We’re living in an automated world. When you call a company, a recorded voice likely greets you. Then you go through robotic prompts before speaking to a person— if you speak to one at all. We order coffee, buy food, get gas and do much more without ever seeing another human. We call it “modern […]

Which Social Media Sites are Right for You?

Each social media channel has its own benefits that will make more sense for some businesses than others. For example, a flower shop is going to find the most success on Instagram, where people go to see #aesthetic pictures. On Twitter, pictures of flower arrangements may fall flat to an audience that is more focused […]